Saturday, September 06, 2008

Things I'm Pondering Now: Letters to the Media

Dear Time Out New York:

I adore your publication. When I was in London, I relied on the information put out on your website on a regular basis to find random but entertaining things to do in a new city. I've also been a longstanding member of the Hiptix listserv, even if I have never attended a show. This week Gawker has been doing several posts concerning your ability to pay your bills. According to the trusty folk on the ED2010 Message Board, you also pay your staff below the normal levels of nothing journalists currently expect. Now we all know that Gawker is quite the agitator, but I have to ask, why in the midst of these rumors, you're sending out free issues to people that don't exist. Not now, or anytime within the last twenty-nine years has a Lauren lived in my house, but yesterday a Lauren Williams received a free issue of your magazine. I'm happily reading it, in the same way I devour every magazine. But please, get yourself together...the magazine industry willnot die on my watch.


Dear Vanity Fair,

We were going through it. Despite our shared love of all things Michelle, you were slacking on adequate coverage in other areas, particularly disappointing me when every upcoming Hollywood star on the cover was white. I know, Zoe Kravitz and Rob Brown were hidden on the inside shots. Yet Vanity Fair, you still make me smile. Even though I wasn't allowed to watch "The Simpsons" as a child, this piece was right up my alley: It will never top the Harper's Bazaar Simpson's fashion spread, but it touched my heart.


Dear Oprah,

Usually, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. I say usually, because you threw me for a loop with the whole Eat, Pray and Love book. However, watching one of your reruns this week, I have to call you out. The Cha-Cha Slide? Oprah...come on. It's still cool at weddings, but not old enough to garner a segment on your show. I'm not really hating...because I danced right along at 1:30, but dear I need you to stay up on game.


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