Sunday, November 18, 2012

And I Know My Rights So You Gonna Need A Warrant For That

Originally Made April 2012

I made this video in conjunction with a community Law Enforcement panel held this past spring. It led into a conversation with Brooklyn lawmakers, professors, and police officers on dealing with law enforcement If you are unfamiliar with the issues of police/resident relations in urban communities, I urge you to take just one look at my favorite movie, Do The Right Thing (I told you this movie explains life!). At the heart of the movie are the different relationships between community members, and the police scene at the end along with the Tawana told the truth graffiti, are indicative of the continuing struggles that are still faced today.  Additionally, today's struggles with the Stop and Frisk policies in New York have garnered a great deal of attention and several local movements have started to protest the New York Police Department and city-sponsored actions.

Because while it makes for a great rap song, there's no reason to be stopped, just because you're young and you're black and your hat's real low.
Law Enforcement from K.D. Williams on Vimeo.


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