Wednesday, November 07, 2007

There she is....

If your like me, you've pondered in the last few months Julia Roberts whereabouts...I mean, iconic Oscar winning actress that has up and disappeared form the scene. Thankfully Vanity Fair informs us of her whereabouts in the December issue. Unlike the rest of Hollywood that out being talentless and causing a scene, our dear talented Julia has been at home with her kids while continuing to work. That's lovely and I sincerely applaud her.

Note, I have doubted her talent, but after seeing what untalented is, I admit that shes great. She also doesn't pull Cuba Gooding Jr.s and take random jobs. Plus she also provided me with my historical understanding of Wellesley through Mona Lisa Smile...and I now use that to explain the school to others while I'm across the pond. Chuckles...


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