Thursday, November 08, 2007

Writing about music

Its not something I will profess skill at, despite my love of arts and entertainment and a few stabs at album and video reviews in college and occasionally here at Vanity Dark. This doesn't mean that I can't appreciate some good commentary.

Some websites I like are Honorable Media at, Sasha Frere Jones at and the Status ain't Hood blog over at Village Voice. Since I don't really have a sites I read section...I just thought I'd let it be known. Also, Kelefa Sanneh is the truth. Lola Ogunnaike was also on day, I may make the list (my professional writing is nothing like the uber casual style I take here, although I maintain the same sentiments ...just in case a straggler on to the site was scared).

With that said two songs you should go listen to if you haven't yet, "Hostile Gospel" by Talib Kweli and "Drunk and Hot Girls" by Kanye feat. Mos Def

"Surviving Droughts, I wish you well"-Jay Z

The Queen

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