Friday, October 30, 2009

Old School Friday: Smile

Heya! I'm working on that list below...but I'm back.
I seem to have gotten the prerequisite down which is not falling asleep as soon as I get in from work.

Now for an actual post. Thank you OSF for waiting out for me. This week's theme is smile...which of course made a million themes run through my head...all having to do with the word smile or being happy. Too bad the majority of songs are from the early aughties (or naughties...whatever we're calling them nowadays).

These songs are themed "Don't Worry." Cast your cares aside. Every little thing will be alright. "Be Happy!"

Sorry Daily Motion wasn't working with actual videos.


Keep up with OSF here: and link to participants here.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thing I Need to DO

Change the Buggin Out picture. The best summer ever is now over, and while my love for Do the Right Thing never dies, nostalgia moves forward.

Write, because people have started questioning what's up with me, and the blog. That's never good. I'm back to not making target promises though. At this point, I'm so not sure what I can promise per week. I will, however, keep doing OSF. That's definitely been a high point to my week over the year

Write with substance. No use writing, if its flismey.

Watch tv again. Honestly, that's where I get my ideas. I've been sleeping at like 7 pm every night, and still feeling tired. I might as well get some good tv in.

I'll be back within this week to start working on these goals. Until then, abrazos y besos.