Friday, May 30, 2008

Father Michael Pfleger is My Homeboy

I know he apologized and what not, but you know I have this on repeat. Between him and Tyra my day is complete.
Also loving how the piano breaks out into "Jesus is Love" at the end of this.

My Favorite Scenes: Jail Time

Yesterday's throwback was not there because I fell asleep, woke up next to lappy with You Tube open. In honor of Sean Bell and the new Sean Bell track, I was going to post a clip of the "Mistaken Identity" episode of "The Fresh Prince" when Will tries to explain to Carlton that they were pulled over for Driving While Black.

So today, I bring you "My Favorite Scenes: Jail Time" where some of our most beloved characters have ended up in the slammer. So well its not all of the, but just a few of my faves.

(No clips found)In this classic jail episode, Ron and Dwayne end up in jail along with some guys from Virginia A&M after a racial scuffle.
Full description from
Dwayne becomes jealous of Whitley's new beau, particularly after she leads him to believe they are sleeping together. Ron promises to take Dwayne's mind off the situation by taking him to the big football game between Hillman and Virginia A&M. Ron then sells his ticket to a scalper and spends the game in his car. Three white students from A& M walk by, and one of them decides to start trouble. Ron bets them on the outcome of the game, declining to mention that their quarterback is out with the flu. With Hillman winning in a rout early the fourth quarter, the guys come out and pay Ron without an argument. Ron taunts them and says that their team needs to recruit more black players. One of the guys wants to let it go, but his friends begin to spray paint a racial slur on Ron's car. Ron starts to fight them, and Dwayne comes out and jumps into the fray. They are all held by campus security, who threatens to have them arrested unless they explain what happened. Ron and an A&M student give biased accounts; each leaves out information to make himself look completely blameless. Whitley, Kim and Freddie show up and unsuccessfully try to get Dwayne and Ron released. Dwayne tries to attack one of the guys for his racist and sexist comments about Whitley. Rick, the student who tried to make peace, finally comes forward and explains what happened. He feels embarrassed by their behavior. The officer orders the A&M guys to pay for Ron's repairs and perform community service. He points out that Dwayne and Ron also judge people by racial stereotypes (although it is to a lesser extent), and has everyone return for further punishment the following weekend. As they exit the stadium, they discover that someone has finished painting the slur on Ron's car."

(Videos at end of post) On this Fresh Prince classic from the first season, Uncle Phil and Vivian leave on a weekend trip, and Will and Carlton get pulled over for "speeding" as they drive Mr. Firth's Benz to Palm Springs since they apparently match the description of car thieves.

SEINFELD: Series Finale
(Videos at end of post) After all the hijinks pulled by some of our favorite New Yorkers it all finally catches up with them as they land in jail and various cast members from the 9 years come to testify. There's no huge racial lesson here, but do know that life will catch up with you one way or another(esp. seeing as the infamous Puerto Rican Day Parade episode was only a few episodes before).


Tyra Banks is Certifiable

Now, I admire her immensely. I do think she is a bit self obsessed, but hey if I had a platform I'd probably relate everyone's problems to my easy going life, so I don't know how much I can blame her. She does make a point though, adversity is a plus in life, it definitely makes you think more. Also, must definitely admire her gusto in her career. But please watch the first few minutes of her New York Times video at the hyperlink since I can't find an embeddable video (, and tell me it doesn't seem a bit like Chris Crocker.

Still I can't hate, I spent the entire Junior Parents Weekend at school attempting to teach my sister my facial expressions 101.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Honor of Sean Bell

Cop this on I Tunes and your Dollar will be donated to the Sean Bell fund.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Maybe its not that you shouldn't graduate:

Before, I thought I missed the key to success by graduating (unlike Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bonnie Rait). Don't get me wrong, I do value education and think its sad that we're so obsessed with stupidity. But, I have now devised there is a way around both. I call it the Rivers Cuomo method. Cuomo, the front man of popular band Weezer, pretended to not graduate and then came back years later and finished up the job. At any rate,I do know there are plenty successful graduates in the entertainment business as well as those working in other areas. This really was just to introduce the video for Pork and Beans, because it takes all the internet stars into account in a nice little package. If only they could have gotten the Filipino jail people.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Money, It's gotta be the shoes/Crown Heights, again./ What's really hood, Meagan Good?

Back during my obsession with U-N-I's "K.R.E.A.M." and the video, I also did a Throwback special on Spike clips, including the commercials he did with Jordan. Now all love of the Spiz'ike aside, Mr. Lee has been making quite some noise at Cannes. First off is the news that he will be doing a documentary on His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan himself. Peep the Variety article here. Yay, excitement. Think we'll get a little celeb-style gossip about the post-marriage era? I really don't care, but it just may be entertaining. Better yet, do dyou think he can do a Michael Jackson documentary?

But that's not all getting Spike attention. He also has a film coming out this fall that focuses on black soldiers during WWII. He let Eastwood have it for making two WWII films back to back that featured an all white army. I'm not sure what the exact segregation laws were then, but I'm certain there were some black soldiers there. It's a shame that in 2008 the entertainment industry has still not come around to the idea of inclusiveness. New York is not an all white city and the nation is not an all white nation. So while groups of friends and families may be of all one race/class/creed at least be a little representative in the people bumping into them. Read Spike's comments here.

And my requisite New York Times article. Crown Heights. Sigh. Apparently things don't change.

Also, Meagan Good, Vanity? I thought Vanity Fair reserved that for up and coming actresses trying to get noticed. Oh well, guess I answered my own query. Y'all know Cousin Skeeter was a long time ago. But then again, Jurnee Smollet just got her picture and they were both in Eve's Bayou together. And well, apparently Good is a producer now too.

a 3fer, really I should be learning stats.

Throwback Pop Culture Clip

Usher is trying to come on his new I'm grown and married steez. A lil reminder of where he's come from:

And soon another list of what I'm listening to now. Because I'm that fickle and my music tastes change that quickly.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Because like cockroaches and taxes, Lil Kim isn't going anywhere":A Clotel Reference

This definitely has to be one of my new favorite blogs. The rant is a bit close to typical, but oh so necessary. I'm not even a feminist/womanist and I did the head nod a lot.

And there's a Clotel reference. If you don't know, go look it up. I won't even hyperlink this one for you ( it's not so much that its standard knowledge, but more that I'm lazy. While you're at it look on One Blood). Reliving my Af-Am lit course in my head.

Michelle Obama

is all sorts of fly. and cool. and amazing. and when I grow up I want to be like her. That's it. Oh I bet she could even take on Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass. And I'm a Chuck Bass fan too. Shivers.

Forget the president, can we elect "First Spouse?"

Okay, not sounding creepy anymore.

Friday, May 16, 2008

At least someone's getting publicity from Doug E. Fresh

The Doug E. Fresh dance turned into a song. Apparently she likes his Dougie.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Throwback Pop Culture Clip

I'm in a puppet mode since I saw Avenue Q last night, with some friends. We scored some pretty cool box seats and it was a much needed laugh. I've been alerted that Fraggle Rock is now becoming a movie so today's throwback is all about some of our favorite Jim Henson buddies and creations following his genius.

Go to You Tube to finish watching the episode and for many more!

and the greatest: Sesame Street!

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Only Black Kid in My Class

This is true/hilarious. The Black Power Ranger and The New Archie Comics?

This is the creators My Space, form your own conclusions (I have nothing more to say beyond good Lord, they use the N word a lot).

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Music: What I'm Listening to Now

Just a few tracks. Nothing super new, but Ive neglected my music posts ( you missed my Adele obsession phase). When I stop being lazy, I'll actually make an IMEEM list. Also, apparently, Jean Grae has hung up her music hat. That made me sad and want to post. Let's show the good femcees some love, so that they dont keep running away, even if they are vulgar.

Mickey Factz and The Cool Kids: Rockin and Rollin

The Roots with Wale and Chrisette Michelle: Rising Up
The Roots: Rising Down

Karina Pasian: Sixteen at War

Janelle Monae, Many Moons (although Lettin Go will always be my fave from her)

CRS: Us Placers

SantoGold : L.E.S. Artistes

Estelle: Whatever she calls her remake of Half Pint's Substitute Lover (this deserves a real post)

Alicia Keys: Teenage Love Affair (and the dope allusion to Spike)

Throwback Pop Culture Clip

THROWBACK Thursdays are back,

why...cus I'm studying and this is obviously better.
In honor of my Sean Bell posts, here are a few old clips.
To all the people arrested yesterday, keep your head up and:

I have the actual Inner Circle music video for the song, Bad Boys which was popularized by the television show COPS. I also have a clip of COPS and of the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith film, Bad Boys. :

The Inner Circle video, Bad Boys

A Clip from FOX TV's COPS

Clip from Bad Boys II with Nelly's Tailfeather in the background, because what's more throwback:

Not exactly in the throwback category, but we all need some irony in our life. A Clip from CSA, a mockumentary on what life would be like if the Confederates won and the hit television show: Runaway: