Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oooh...he make me giggle

Is there anyone who the slight mention of them makes you giggle?
I was listening to Common's Finding Forever at work this week biding the time as I deleted excel entries, and he mentioned Master P in one of the songs. Not only do I love finding hidden jewels in lyrics that I never caught before. I like to laugh...a lot.

The grin broke out...and before I knew it I had to stifle a giggle. The idea of Master P, no matter how "bout it bout it" those Miller boys are just does that to me.

And what happened to his tv network? Goodness, I write about Mr. Miller so much, he has his own tag.

So does Ja Rule.

A tee hee hee hee hee hee....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blindsided by "The Blind Side"

I'm working on getting writing into my day. In an effort to progress, I started tackling one of the many issues floating in my head. Why did Sandra Bullock take a role in "The Blind Side," the film about a white housewife taking in a homeless black teenager and turning him into a great football player? This movie is obviously going to be a huge cliche, but also one that will catapult Bullock into the type of role she hasn't had much opportunity to explore in her career...and give some young undiscovered black talent a moment in the spotlight.

I'm sure some gossip rag already has Bullock's take on why she did the movie, but I remain convinced there is something more to the point an actor reaches when they take a white savior role. I however do not want to attack or grapple with the white savior theme. This is where my writing got stuck. I rambled and referenced every movie I could think of from Pride to Coach Carter to Dangerous Minds to Finding Forrester and Good Will Hunting. I came up with nothing. I had media issue fatigue. Every time the commercials come on, my head hurts and my eyes get droopy.

Undoubtedly, someone else will have something to add to the ever continuing conversation. I'm hoping to see the positive. Although it's a shtick done so often in the past few years that we can all write the scripts ourselves, there will be entertainment value. It will be heartwarming, and that little reminder that it's based on a true story will make us all feel better about the world. Also some unknown and non Hollywood looking black kid got a break that he definitely needed. He's no Rob Brown (who I met...yay me!) but he'll get thrown a bone. Also, Sandra Bullock can amp up her movie career.

And when I watch it when it finally makes it to TBS, I'll think...why didn't they put on Ms. Congeniality instead? It was kind of cliche, but I enjoy it! EVERY TIME!

EDIT: And side note, why are so many of these movies sports driven? If you need help in the world, be athletic built. If you can pull yourself up, either be able to sing or dance your way out of violence. If you're're probably alright, but find a creppy old professor to inspire you.

P.S.: This movie actually got addressed before on . I even made a comment. Must of been in the back of my mind. Oops.

OMG, NAI....we have to make our film.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

This is It Review

I went to see "This is It" with my sister over Halloween weekend and thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It was as if I watched a concert in a movie theater...but much better than that time my eldest sister had to take me to see the Spice Girls movie in junior high (still among my top ten of questionable entertainment choices).

I'm glad we had this last glimpse of Michael. Sure at times he looked weary. You could see a weight decrease, but he still had it. He was sharp and together. He knew his dances better than the dancers and had a sharp ear for music.

Bro' man was also sauuuuuucy. OMG.

Ok, I'm obviously still sizzling and we all need to let it simmer. The link below has a movie review written by my sister. Check it out!