Friday, September 28, 2007


I asked my sis to look for sneakers that had orange, blue or burgundy in it for me and she came across these! Excitement! So it's a little more pink they burgundy, but it works for me....I can walk around looking like a skittle. Woot!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pop Culture Throwback of the Week

Remember Immature..before identity confusion and changing their name to IMX...before Roger on Sister Sister...before B2K. Batman, Romeo and Little Drummer Boy were something. Remember the actual video with the much older woman...just another one in the trends of really young boys and old women in videos.

lie e yi e yi lie e yi e yi...

The Queen

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a Friend on learning about the Brangelina's new kid

"they ran out of babies in foreign countries?"

Lol. I'm not seriously hating. I don't like dogs, but people are entitled to have pets.

Newest addition to the Brangelina crew

is a dog. Because you know, 3rd world country kids and dogs are all the same.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The TV Lover in me is way to excited

After a public fight with I Tunes, suspicions about HULU and other missteps, NBC has made my day. Hopefully this woks on Macs, and they're not taking their anger out on me.

Note: I can't even think of an NBC show that I watch on a regular basis, but I will now. Maybe Chuck or Bionic Woman will be worth it.

But for true excitement, ABC went and topped them.

Sadly AOL is still trying to be relevant.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I don't really watch BET and haven't for a long minute(blame it on the lack of cable while at school and other factors). The programming continuously fails to engage me, although I still give Reggie and Deb props for putting on some sitcoms during the step will be uplifting ones (bring back Frank's Place). Still, something inside of me shed a tear when I learned that Rap City is moving to the 1 AM timeslot. It's like I lost something from my youth... and the show is dying.

Queen Kimmy


Earlier in the summer, as I sat unemployed, I took the time out to compose this message to Nickelodeon:

To whom it may concern:

I am not certain how old Nickelodeon is, but it is definitely old enough to exist as a point of nostalgia for several people. I'm only twenty one, but even in conversations with those ten years older than me, I hear people fondly reminiscing of shows they watched as a child on Nick. From "You Can't Do That on Television" to "Legends of the Hidden Temple" to more recent shows like "My Cousin Skeeter," Nickelodeon has a long representation of shows made for kids that click. Although I am not sure that viewer services is the place I should direct my email, I would like to propose to the programming department that Nickelodeon has an "Old School" night..perhaps on Nick @Nite or Noggin, or even a day of programming. I know several people my age would love to watch some old "Keenan and Kel," "The Secret World of Alex Mack" or "My Brother and Me." Perhaps a countdown special of greatest Nick episodes of all time would be good. Really, the Viacom partnership that has Nick paired with MTV networks and other networks like BET Networks, should allow the information to be spread pretty quickly. Its not like many young adults and college kids my age don't already get their "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" fix through Nickelodeon anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I truly hope that someone considers the idea..especially since Viacom does a pretty good job of pulling clips of shows off-line anyway, and the Nick Classics website selling DVDs does not seem to be the most legit. If for any reason you could like to contact me, you can email me at {redacted} or call the number you see above. Enjoy your day.

They probably thought I was bitter since they didn't hire me, but I was sincerely interested in seeing this happen. Turns out I wasn't the only one. Check this post on Adrants today:

Nickelodeon Clutches Heartstrings of Suffering Quarterlifers

clarissa explains.png

While conducting research for our last post, it came to our attention that there are a lot of bummed-out twenty-somethings sitting around making Nickelodeon tributes to shows they grew up with. (See more here.)

Why is no one -- least of all Nickelodeon -- exploiting this wellspring of self-obsessed nostalgia? If we saw Gumby or Inside-Out Boy pushing product at us, we'd be all over that in an irrational second.

And we'd possibly (though not probably) kill to see a marathon of Salute Your Shorts or something SNICK-like. We'd even revisit Hey Arnold! if we had to. Man. Remember when TV was good? Remember TGIF? WTF happened to TGIF?!

I want it, the real advertisers think its a good idea...Come on Nick. We all need to experience the awesomeness that was Amanda Diva on My Brother and Me or even The Brothers Garcia: toda para la familia.

If you want a real throwback, better than my pop culture throwback of the week: start spamming Viacom, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon...I'm sure they can figure out a way to make a profit off of this and get people to watch. Hmph (also do it in December when I'll be back stateside..thanks!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wyclef Jean- Sweetest Girl (Official music video)

New Wyclef joint...nice to know that everyone from the Fugees didn't have their weed laced with quack.


The Queen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Week's Throwback

is postponed until further notice.

Let's consider this a Recess. Was Spinelli just Italian? I always thought there was something more "Eastern" about her.

Later Dayz...

The Queen

Friday, September 07, 2007


Let's hear it, one for the coons on UPN 9 and WB
Who 'Yes Massa' on TV, what ever happened to Wheezy? The Red Fox's?
Never got Emmy's but were real to me
Let's hear it, two for the spooks who do cartwheels
'Cause they said they played they parts well
Now they claim caviar, hate that oxtail
Lambda Sigma Phi badge on lapel
Whitey always tell him, "Ooh, he speak so well"
Are you the one we look to, the decent Negro?
The acceptable Negro -- hell nah
But they say, "These are our heroes"

One of Nas’s lesser known works, Coon Picnic focuses on what he viewed as coonery by blacks in contemporary media. Nas ends the chorus with the words, “These are our heroes,” in a sarcastic tone, pointing out the obvious flaws of those who are looked up to within the black community. Several colleagues reacted to this song when it came out, questioning Nas’s right to say anything about this topic at all. This is the same man that rapped on “Oochie Wallie” and along with Ginuwine said “Owe me back like 40 acres to blacks, Pay be back when you shake it like that,”-- points that will forever be his Achilles heel. Nas even realizes this point on his own song including a heckler at the end who derides the rapper for flaunting his wealth while making these comments.

After obviously attacking Kobe Bryant for his relations with white women who are of questionable status (a hotel worker and a former “video actress*”) in the first verse, and ranting some more, Nas starts blatant name calling towards the end, and called out Cuba Gooding Jr.

Now I’m calling him out as well, and his brother Omar is included: Let’s get it together people.

My beef with the Gooding brothers, as highly irrelevant as they may seem to be today, is not the same as that of Nas. I’m not as pre-occupied with them being “acceptable” as I am with them being as foolish as the foolish Galatians. They need to be smacked, hard, and then someone needs to smack their agents.

There have always been people that begin with promise before their career takes a turn fir the worse, but in the case of these brothers, their trajectory is a hair short of a low down and dirty shame. Lesser blame should be placed on Omar Gooding, since he obviously did not have the good fortune of his brother. Although riding on Cuba’s coat tails, his most memorable works are Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy and Baby Boy. There was no golden role available for him to jumpstart his career. From there he went on to have some more supporting roles in movies like The Gospel, but also relies on episodes in an assortment of shows to stay relevant. It’d be one thing if he just moved on, but since he’s still trying, he needs to get it together. Omar is not exactly leading man material—he does not have the looks and has not shown the capability to do so, but he could make a solid supporting actor/television career, if he and his agent worked it out.

Cuba Gooding is a different story altogether. Despite what may have been witnessed in The Fighting Temptations (a movie I happen to like), he possesses talent and skill at his craft. Jerry McGuire and Boyz n the Hood are evidence of the brilliant work that he can do. But dear dear Cuba seems to have a problem with not taking roles. His IMDB roster leads one to think that his agent’s advice is to do every movie placed in front of you—leading to less than stellar works such as Daddy Day Care. After acting in Pearl Harbor and Men of Honor, Cuba Gooding then proceeded to star in Rat Race, Snow Dogs and Boat Trip. Although these movies may have taken in a decent amount at the box office, they only lessen his value as an actor. With each new commercial for an upcoming Cuba Gooding Jr., film , a roll of the eyes and queasiness is to be expected. These roles are acceptable for Ice-Cube, but not for someone with obvious talent and who is primarily an actor. Cuba, you and your agent are being called out for accepting stupid roles. Absence makes the heart grown fonder, and a few years could have gone by before American Gangster, which premieres later this fall, and an adoring fan base would have waited. Instead, you receive mumbled hallelujahs and silent prayers that your other works currently in production are well made, sensible films. Dabble in the goofy, but do it sensibly. This is my call out. And no…the Nas song don’t really got much to do wit nething, I just thought it was a song that more people should be aware of.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Vick

...should hang out with Jamie Foxx. I still haven't watched that episode of The View where she comments on Vick, but she is now denying defending him. Cus down in the souf dog fighting is popular. I did read about it in one of those Mildred D. Taylor books (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry/ Let the Circle be Unbroken/ The Gold Cadillac) when I was little, so I don't doubt it...Betting 12million on a dog makes better sense than giving a dog 12 million to me.

Newho: watch the episode here and make your own decision. Better yet, go read a Mildred D. Taylor book. Get your mind right.

Related News: Apparently Sherri Shepherd is joining The View. I really though they'd let B. Smith get a shot, but oh well.

Minorities and Campus News Papers

So, I think this off topic from my usual postings, but then again--there is no real connecting theme, beyond my obsession with Vanity Fair, journalism, and the popular culture of my youth. So in that vain, I'd recommend checking out this article on racial politics in college newspapers from Campus Progress. This was a persistent issue on my campus that I suffered reading several emails about. Still not much change happened. I don't think that its simply that minority students lack an interest in the poor paying field of journalism (why did I choose this path again?), because as far as I can tell HBCU's have campus newspapers and shock even communications majors(note: never attended one and don't intend to). There's even a student branch of the National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) I think it's a larger issue of minorities on medium to large size campuses not being attracted to various campus activities en masse. Sure there's a sprinkling over a variety of clubs, but there's only a sprinkling over the entire campus in general. Add on all the various minority groups, including minority papers, and you have a group of overspent students constantly proving themselves and their right to be there, that adding one more activity can be a bit much. In my experience, just among black students there was a umbrella group, an African group, a Caribbean group, a male group, a female group, a theater group, 2 singing groups (one became too integrated with whites for some folk), a business group (mixed with other minorities), a secret homosexual group, community service organizations within three of those groups, some dance groups, publications in three of these groups, loads of multi-thousand dollar events and people were still trying to start more.

I also have a feeling that some enjoyed the racial homogeneity of some of their clubs after mixing it up all day anyway. It may have been like going home at night to family. Not saying its right, but its human.

The Queen


This is hilarious, especially since its in Spanish, but it's deserving of a post because this is at the start of UPN really trying to come into its own. Malcolm Jamal Warner found something to work after The Cosby Show that actually featured his face (although we all love Magic School Bus). It was an entertaining show, and many more were introduced to the quackhead that is Eddie Griffin. I had the pleasure of seeing him at a Jimmy Kimmel taping earlier this year and will assure you that he is still a quackhead. At least someone put him in his place about the N word. Amen, Jesus saves.


The Queen

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Want more Cooper

As the other sister pointed out in my previous post, Cooper is available on AOL's In2TV. This particular episode not only has Cooper, Raven and Omar Gooding---but also Stanley and Kenny (from the Cosby Show). How many shows were they on together...gosh!


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